About Me

My name is Keya or “mirakurls” as I’ve declared myself in these social media streets. I first began my relaxed, healthy hair journey in June 2013. I was getting my hair relaxed and flat ironed (yes, during the same session) every 6 weeks. It was working for me in terms of my hair growing until August 2014 when I decided to get both a relaxer and a black color rinse. After that I noticed my hair became dry and brittle. I got my next (and last) relaxer in September 2014. Also, around that time, I obtained a job in the DMV area and thus moved up north. I of course found the nearest hair salon and the experience was not up to par in my opinion. Based on that experience, not being able to find a good hair stylist, and due to people in the DMV having beautiful natural hair – I was inspired and decided to go natural. I found a natural hair salon via Yelp that helped me cut off those brittle ends so that I could transition from relaxed shoulder length hair to being all natural. One of THE best decisions I ever made!!

I transitioned my hair from relaxed to natural for about 1.5 years. During this time, I began to love my hair even more than I thought possible. My [hair] wash day was usually on Sunday and I enjoyed trying out new hair care products and styles, so much so, my co-workers began looking forward to my new hairstyle each Monday! I transitioned until March 2016 when I went to the hair salon and decided right there on the spot it was time to “Let it go, let it go. Can’t hold it back [those relaxed ends] anymore.” Yeah, so I don’t even like that song like that, but I felt it was most appropriate here. Ha! And that was that, it was truly a refreshing experience!! God found favor in me to bless me with kinky, curly, and coily 4b/c type hair that can take on so many different forms; shame I didn’t even know my own hair type for all of those years.

As of October 2017, I have been natural for 3 years as I received my last relaxer a few years ago. If you can’t tell by now, I love talking about all things natural hair related; I’m constantly learning new things and I enjoy sharing my experiences with others. Shall we continue this journey together?! Let’s go!

♥ Keya ♥

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